About Dr. Con Moshegov

Dr Con Moshegov is an ophthalmologist. That is, he is a medical doctor who has undertaken advance study to become a specialist in disorders of the eye and visual system. His area of expertise is cataract and laser eye surgery treating conditions affecting the anterior segment of the eye. These include pterygium and glaucoma.

As a consequence of major advances in medicine and surgery, it is no longer acceptable to be a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’. For this reason, Dr. Moshegov specialises in his chosen area to deliver absolutely premium care to his patients.

Premium care includes very careful and precise surgical technique but extends beyond this to the consultation with patients, correct diagnosis, accurate measurement and thorough education of patients in the area of cataract and laser surgical options.

Patients who consult Dr. Moshegov have come to expect a high level of service, including explanation of their situation, far beyond that which they have experienced with other specialists. Patients pay for and deserve this. Dr. Moshegov believes this very strongly and feels that this is an essential obligation to his patients.

Testimony to the fact that he is among Australia’s most highly respected and trusted experts in the field of cataract and laser eye surgery, he is often invited to moderate and speak at seminars and conferences on these topics.

He acts as a Consultant to major ophthalmic companies who seek his input into the incorporation of new technology into the clinical arena. Dr. Moshegov was born, raised and trained in Sydney. On completion of his medical and specialist training in Australia he undertook further training in England before commencing practice in his home town of Sydney. He performed his first refractive laser procedure in London in 1994 and has had widespread experience in cataract and laser eye surgery.

Dr. Con Moshegov enjoys his work and takes pride in the service that his team provides to patients. If you feel his expertise in the area of eye disease would be of benefit to you or your patients, he would consider it an honour to be of assistance.

He practices in George Street, Sydney and the Sydney North Shore suburb of Hornsby.

Background Information

His Passion: Cataract and Laser Surgery

Cataract and LASIK procedures would have to be some of the most satisfying procedures a surgeon can perform.

They are the procedures I perform most often and am grateful for the honour of being able to do so every surgical list. Not only can I improve people’s vision but these allow me to reduce their dependence on glasses or contact lenses. As a result of this, people’s lives are improved.

It gives them freedom to do more things in life and maximizes safety in everyday activities.
Cataract surgery has been shown to reduce the risk of falls in the elderly and improve their mental health.

Lasers are now used in both cataract surgery and in people who have no cataract but want to be free of glasses. Safer and gentler than older blade techniques, laser eye surgery has given people who have poor vision a chance to feel the freedom of naturally perfect vision.

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