Have you been considering laser eye surgery but are not sure if it’s right for you? An obligation-free complimentary eye consultation is the first step in your journey to becoming glasses and contact lens free!

Valued at $550, you will find out if you are eligible for laser eye treatments and the most suitable type for your eye and lifestyle during this complimentary screening appointment.

What will happen during my free laser assessment?

Our free laser assessment is a complimentary screening; this comprehensive assessment will take approximately one hour to complete.

During this consultation, you will be introduced to one of our Refractive Consultants who will take detailed scans and measurements of your eye, perform a thorough examination of your vision, take your medical history and discuss your likely treatment options. Our team will also go through what happens during the procedure, expect afterwards, and any potential risks and complications.

Most patients also use this opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have.  We encourage our patients to bring a list of their questions.

We will provide you with a quote for laser eye surgery during this free assessment, give you prospective surgery dates, and discuss post-operative recovery and follow-up appointments.

Will I find out if I am suitable for this assessment?

Yes, after this assessment, candidates can find out:

  1. Whether they are eligible for laser eye surgery.

A person’s eligibility for laser eye surgery depends on various factors, including the degree of your refractive error, the unique shape and thickness of your cornea and lifestyle factors

  1. The type of laser eye surgery they are suitable for.

There are many types of laser eye surgery available today, each with its benefits and varying suitability for each unique eye. At the end of this assessment, our team will determine whether SMILE, LASIK, TransPRK, or ASLA is most suitable for treating your refractive error and discuss this with you.

It is important to note that before proceeding with laser eye surgery, suitable candidates still need to meet with our refractive surgeon, Dr Con Moshegov, to finalise their surgical treatment plan.

I have been told I am not suitable for laser eye surgery. Is it worth booking a free laser eye surgery assessment?

Yes, it is well worth it to book in for a free laser eye surgery assessment despite being told you are not suitable for surgery in the past. Continual innovations in laser eye surgery technology and the surgeon’s skill level may mean that we find you suitable for laser eye surgery.

How do I prepare for my assessment?

The only preparation needed for this assessment is to refrain from wearing contact lenses.

Soft contacts lens wearers need to refrain from wearing their lenses for at least 3-5 days before their eye assessment.

Hard contact lens wearers need to refrain from wearing their lenses for at least 3-4 weeks before their eye assessment. This is because the pressure of the contact lens on the eye may slightly distort the corneal surface and lead to inaccurate scans.

Who will be completing my assessment?

Our team of friendly Refractive Consultants will be conducting your laser eye assessment.

One of our experienced refractive consultants is Suzy Seo.

Suzy graduated from the University of Sydney with a Master of Orthoptics in 2012 and has been working as a clinical orthoptist for over nine years. Not only highly experienced in refractive consultations, Suzy never fails to meet patients with a warm smile on her face, and she is trilingual, fluent in Portuguese, Korean and English.

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