Eye Laser Surgery Hornsby is extremely popular with both younger and older patients in Hornsby and the surrounding suburbs. With a strong reputation Eye Laser Surgery Hornsby offers fast and efficient services that will stop you from needing to wear contacts or glasses so you can enjoy the beautiful views that Hornsby offers. It has a very high success rate as well. If you’re curious what laser eye surgery can do for you, read our list of five laser eye surgery benefits.

Five Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery in Hornsby

1. Improved Vision

The most obvious perk of laser eye surgery is improved vision, with many clients coming to Eye Laser Surgery Hornsby suffering from cataracts, eye floaters and lens impairment. Did you know that around 95% of the patients who get laser eye surgery end up with at least 20/40 vision? Additionally, around 85% of patients report that they end up with 20/20 vision or higher after they have laser eye surgery. This means that you’ll be able to take in all of the sights in and around Hornsby.

2. Results Are Long Lasting

You’ll go through a minor stabilisation period after you have your laser eye surgery that lasts around three months. However, once this period is over, your results are permanent, barring the natural degeneration process that comes with aging. You won’t have to worry about follow up procedures unless the first procedure over or under-corrected your vision.

3. Quick Recovery Periods

Unlike other surgery, laser eye surgery has a very quick recovery period. Depending on your daily activities or where you work, you could return to your normal routine within one day, including driving. If you work in a dusty environment, it may take slightly longer to get back to your day to day activities, but it’s still a shorter recovery process than most surgical procedures.

4. Very Little or No Pain

Laser eye surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. Your ophthalmologist performs it on an outpatient basis while you’re still awake. On average, most patients report very little or no pain after they have laser eye surgery. They may experience some itching as the eye heals, which is more of an annoyance than actual pain.

5. Potential for Savings

If you wear contacts or glasses, you know how much they can cost you over the span of a year. Although laser eye surgery may cost you more upfront, it can help you save hundreds of dollars each year because you don’t have to buy contacts or update your current glasses prescription.

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