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Five Common Myths Surrounding Laser Eye Surgery

Five Common Myths Surrounding Laser Eye Surgery

Five Common Myths Surrounding Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery has gained popularity over the recent years because it’s a relatively quick and inexpensive procedure that has long-term benefits. However, with this rise in popularity has come myths and rumours that may discourage some people from getting laser eye surgery. If you’d like to know which Common Myths Surrounding Laser Eye Surgery are false, read on.

Myth One: There Are Serious Risks With Laser Eye Surgery

While there are some risks with getting laser eye surgery, most of them are rare and are relatively minor. Typically, only around 5% of people report problems directly following their surgeries, and most of these issues clear up on their own. The two most common risks are over-correction or under-correction. These can result in blurry vision, which is usually taken care of with a second procedure in a few months’ time.

Myth Two: Laser Eye Surgery Is Very Expensive

One of the common myths surrounding laser eye surgery is that it is expensive. When you compare it to other surgeries, or even a more standard emergency room visit, laser eye surgery actually isn’t that expensive. While the cost does fluctuate depending on the type of equipment the medical professionals use and the type of procedure, the costs typically range from $1,300 up to $3,700, with the average expense being around $2,500 per eye.

Myth Three: I’m Too Old To Have Laser Eye Surgery

The only age requirement most medical practitioners advise with laser eye surgery is that the patient is over 18. Currently, there is no upper age restriction. It’s common for people in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s to have this surgery. However, as you age, your eyes do become susceptible to common conditions that may prevent you from having laser eye surgery.

Myth Four: Laser Eye Surgery Is New So There Hasn’t Been Time To Look At Long-Term Effects

Another of the common myths of laser eye surgery is that it is still in its infancy. Laser eye surgery started in the 1980s. Medical professionals have used it for decades with a very high success rate. Also, the long-term studies have shown consistently positive results. This has helped to make laser eye surgery one of the most popular corrective surgeries performed to this day.

Myth Five: Laser Eye Surgery Is Painful

Laser eye surgery is a quick and relatively painless procedure. Your medical professional will apply numbing drops to your eye before the surgery to limit any discomfort. Most patients report feeling slight pressure when the surgeon creates a corneal flap, but no pain.
Don’t be put off by the common myths surrounding laser eye surgery. If you’re considering laser eye surgery and you’re in the Sydney area, you can book an appointment with Dr. Moshegov at George Street Eye Surgery to discuss considerations and costs. Dr. Moshegov has over 30 years of experience so you know you’re in good hands.