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LASIK, PRK, SMILE – What’s the difference?
December 12, 2022

Fun facts about our laser machine – Amaris 1050RS

schwind amaris 1050rs

George St Eye Centre uses the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS. This is the fastest laser available and we were one of the first practices in Sydney to have it! Here are some fun facts about our laser:

  • It takes only 1.3 seconds to treat 1 dioptre of myopia, meaning it takes approximately one third of the time to treat your refraction compared with other lasers.



  • Our laser uses world-first eye tracking in 7 dimensions to offer the most precise, reliable and safe treatment possible. The SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS records all movements that the eye can make and actively compensates for them at 1050 times per second. It can even anticipate and compensate for eye movements before they actually occur, making its accuracy and reliability unmatched among other lasers.
  • AMARIS has earned many national and international awards because of this, so our patients can be rest assured that they are being treated with the highest level of precision and accuracy.


  • Our laser uses an intelligent thermal control system to prevent any damage to the surrounding corneal tissue and allows a more reliable healing process after the surgery. Through this technology, our laser is gentle on your eye, preserves corneal tissue and achieves an exceptionally smooth surface.
  • Our laser is fully integrated with 3D scanning technology (Peramis) which is used to map your personalised refractive signature from 45000 measured points at a resolution is 3 to 6 times higher than is usual on the market.


Come and visit us a George St Eye Centre to see the amazing technology at work!