Is It Too Early To Remove Your Cataracts?

Is It Too Early To Remove Your Cataracts?

Cataracts are a common problem that many people face, especially later in life. Are you asking yourself Is It Too Early To Remove Your Cataracts? Some develop more rapidly than others, and there really isn’t any certain age that is considered to be ‘too early’ for cataract removal. It all depends on the individual and how rapidly they start to experience problems.

You may notice several symptoms that your cataracts are developing. If you notice things like hazy or cloudy vision, difficulty driving, sensitivity to glare, frequent glasses changes, and more, you may want to talk to an eye doctor to discuss your options.

As there is no hard set age for having cataract surgery, it may be difficult for you to decide if you should talk to your doctor if you ask yourself it’s too early to remove your cataracts. Many cataract surgeons tend to follow several key cataract principles including:

  • One eye typically develops cataracts at a faster pace than the other eye.
  • When your more advanced eye has passed the point where you can’t pass your driver’s test, it’s time to consider fixing the eye.
  • Even if your one eye can still pass your driver’s test, you should consider cataract surgery. This allows your first eye to rehabilitate before your second eye fails your driver’s test.

It is also good to note that simply because a cataract is present, you don’t necessarily need to remove your cataracts straight away. Many people have cataracts that don’t interfere with their daily lives in any way or prevent them from doing things they want to do. These people may want to wait to have cataract surgery and you might feel the same thinking it is too early to remove your cataracts.

Simply put, the time to have cataract surgery is when your cataracts start to interfere with your daily life. When you find yourself having difficulty doing everyday tasks or doing things you want to do due to blurred vision or because of the other common cataract symptoms, you may want to seriously consider having cataract surgery. You’re not alone either as an estimated 1.5 million Australians aged 55 or older have cataracts. This equates to almost one-third of this demographic.

If you’re still not sure and asking yourself if its too early to remove your cataracts and you’re in the Sydney area, you may benefit from a consultation at George St Eye Centre with Dr. Moshegov. He’s been performing eye surgeries and corrections for over 23 years and he’d be happy to sit down with you to discuss your options, the surgery itself, and what to expect when you have the procedure.