We’ve all heard of the transformative stories of laser eye surgery. You may have heard these stories from a friend, a family member, a colleague or even someone from social media. Whatever the source, these people are all ecstatic about their new-found freedom and the dramatic improvement in their life.

For those who are now wondering whether laser eye surgery may be the right choice for you, here are 5 reasons you should get laser eye surgery.

1. Active lifestyle

Many of our patients who have undergone laser eye surgery lead active lifestyles – whether it be hiking, swimming, running or gymming. Unfortunately, wearing glasses is a hassle and gets in the way when we need to get our sweat on. Contact lenses are also a pain to insert and remove and may become dislodged during physical activity.

2. Convenience and simplicity

With the onset of mask-wearing during our COVID-19 times, those with glasses will know the pain of having their lenses fog up when simply breathing. Laser eye surgery offers people convenience in their busy lifestyles. When there is an option to simplify our already chaotic lifestyles, why not take it? Laser eye surgery guarantees perfect vision the second you wake up without the hassle of inserting contact lenses or wearing glasses.

3. Contact lens issues

Those who wear contact lenses will know the hassle of inserting them into your eye day in and day out and having to follow strict cleaning regimens. Worse yet, if these hygiene standards are not met, contact lenses pose the risk of a host of infectious diseases that could potentially lead to blindness. Some people also cannot tolerate the feeling of a piece of plastic over their eyes for the entire day as it causes irritation and dry eyes. Laser eye surgery offers a convenient solution for all these issues.

4. Lower ongoing cost

Both contact lenses and glasses require frequent replacement and maintenance. This leads to ongoing costs, which build up over time. On the other hand, laser eye surgery guarantees perfect vision over a person’s lifetime. When weighing up the cumulative cost of maintenance versus the one-off investment of laser eye surgery, it is clear that eye surgery yields a better return on one’s money.

5. Appearance

Glasses are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people prefer their appearance without glasses, and it may be challenging to find the right pair of glasses that suit your face shape or unique facial features. Laser eye surgery allows you to live your life confidently as your best self without the need to find the right pair of glasses.

Our patients’ most common regret after having laser eye surgery is that they did not get it done sooner.

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