Laser Eye Surgery Costs

Laser Eye Surgery Costs

Wearing glasses or contact lenses is inconvenient, but many people are put off the idea of laser eye surgery because they think it’s too expensive. Before you make your decision, you should find out exactly how much laser eye surgery costs for you personally by having a consultation at a specialist eye surgery clinic.

Average Cost of Laser Eye Surgery in Sydney

Laser Eye Surgery Costs in Sydney range from around $1300 to $3700 per eye. While it may be tempting to choose clinics advertising lower prices, this usually means they are using older equipment and technology or a less experienced surgeon. You need to look carefully at all aspects of treatment when you’re comparing procedure fees across different clinics to make sure you’re paying for a safe procedure using the latest technology

Eye Surgery Cost – Health Insurance Contributions Explained

Most health insurance policies will not cover laser eye surgery costs, as it is classified as an elective procedure. The policies that do cover it will usually only cover a portion of the cost, so it’s important to check with your insurer exactly what reimbursement, if any, they will offer.

Medicare rebates are not available for laser eye surgery unless it is required for medical reasons such as cataracts or other eye diseases.

Laser Eye Surgery Cost vs. Glasses and Contact Lenses Cost

If you’ve considered laser eye surgery but dismissed it as too expensive, you might be interested in understanding how the cost of surgery compares with the lifetime cost of glasses and contact lenses.

The price of contact lenses varies widely depending on the type of lenses and how frequently they are changed, but the average cost is around $300 a year. Working on an average cost of $5000 to have surgery on both eyes, the cost of contact lenses would be recovered, meaning the surgery would pay for itself after 17 years. Therefore, thinking long-term, laser eye surgery works out cheaper than wearing contact lenses for most people.

A lifetime of glasses works out cheaper but is still more expensive than you might think. Assuming your glasses cost $200 on average and you replace them every 2 years, you’ll spend $2000 on glasses in 20 years and probably at least $6000 in a lifetime.

Eye Laser Surgery Cost Sydney

If you’re considering laser eye surgery in the Sydney area and want to discuss costs and other considerations, book a consultation with Dr Moshegov at George Street Eye Surgery. Dr Moshegov is one of Australia’s most respected ophthalmologists with over 30 years of experience worldwide and specialises in the latest Lasik technology.