Laser Eye Surgery | Health Insurance Rebate Information

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?…we can help. Glasses and contact lenses to many is a burden, interfering with your everyday activities. To some glasses may even be perceived as a disability compared to needing a hearing aids or cutches. This is the main reason George Street Eye Laser Centre embodies a great passion to provide the best level of service in laser eye surgery allowing patients to achieve their visual outcomes and have their lives changed for the better.

Can I Claim Laser Eye Surgery from Medicare and my Health Insurance?

A common question asked amongst patients at George Street Eye Centre is if you ‘can claim laser eye surgery through my Health Fund or Medicare?

Unfortunately, Medicare Health Insurance doesn’t cover any of the costs of any corrective laser eye surgery. Laser is considered elective surgery with no Medicare item numbers to allow claiming. On the other hand, Cataract procedures does have an item number and therefore you can be claim a rebate through your private health fund and Medicare.  Medicare provides only rebates for your consultation fees to see Specialist Dr’s with a valid referral.

At most laser eye centres around Australia the average cost of laser eye surgery, (such as lasik surgery or ilasik surgery) starts at about $3000 per an eye. Unfortunately, most Health Insurance Funds provide no coverage for laser eye surgery despite covering conventional vision correction such as glasses and contact lenses.

Doesn’t Make Sense, Does it?

Although, there are a few exemptions to this whereby some health funds do provide some or even complete coverage. For example; George Street Eye Laser Centre is a service provider of laser eye surgery that covers 100% of the fee for laser eye surgery through BUPA’s Ultimate Coverage.  To read more about BUPAs coverage click onto the link below.
This is a great option you may opt for if you are looking at planning a head, saving money as well as being able to claim on other health services benefits under this coverage. Waiting periods need to be served to be able to claim.

Other Health Funds may cover partially, you will need to contact your Health Fund provider for more information.