Laser Eye Surgery Risks

Laser Eye Surgery Risks

It’s normal for patients to feel apprehensive about Laser Eye Surgery Risks. Even with the latest, safest technology and the most experienced surgeon, the possibility of something going wrong is a worry for many people.

Modern laser eye surgery carried out by experienced practitioners such as Dr Moshegov and his clinical team at the George Street Eye Centre in Sydney carries very little risk of complications. However, every type of surgery has the potential for risk and it’s important to be fully aware of possible issues before undergoing the procedure.

Is Laser Eye Surgery Safe?

Laser Eye Surgery is one of the simplest and most common elective surgical procedures in Australia with over a 20-year history, and there is very little risk of complications.

However, factors such as the skill of the surgeon, the age and quality of the equipment, and clinical conditions such as the presence of dust and the level of humidity can all affect the outcomes of surgery.

Around 5% of patients report issues after laser eye surgery, most of which are temporary side effects that clear up of their own accord within the first few weeks.

Very occasionally a more serious complication can occur, which may affect your vision or eye health.

Laser Eye Surgery Complications

Over or under-correction is one of the most common Laser Eye Surgery Risks, in which the patient still has blurry vision after the procedure. In most cases this can be rectified with a second treatment after a few months. Other complications include:

  • Myopic regression – eyesight slowly degrades and returns to the pre-surgery level over time
  • Infection – risk of infection from laser eye surgery is much less than the risk of infection due to contact lenses but it should still be taken seriously. Most infections clear up quickly with prompt treatment
  • Flap complications – occurring in less than 1% of Lasik procedures, can cause distorted vision.

Laser Eye Surgery Side Effects

Side effects depend on the type of eye surgery. Side effects for the most popular technique, Lasik, include:

  • Dry eyes for up to six months after surgery. You can use eye-drops to lubricate your eyes until they return to normal.
  • Visual disturbances such as glare, halos, and double vision. These side effects normally clear up within a few weeks.
  • Difficulty seeing at night
  • Eye sensitivity

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

If you have any concerns over any Laser Eye Surgery Risks or the potential for complications, it’s best to discuss them directly with the surgeon who can explain the risks.

Laser Eye Surgery also isn’t suitable for everyone so it’s important to discuss your medical history and have your eyes inspected to make sure you don’t have any conditions that may increase your risk of developing complications.

You can book a eye consultation at the George Street Eye Centre in Sydney for free and talk with experienced medical professionals to make sure you are a good candidate for Laser Eye Surgery and any concerns you may have are addressed.