Lasik Eye Surgery

Today’s Most Innovative Laser Vision Correction Procedure

The introduction of the iLASIK Procedure means the wait for better vision is over.

  • The iLasik Procedure has been used to treat more eyes than any other laser vision treatment available today.
  • No other eye surgery procedure measures up to the iLASIK procedure, combining the world’s most advanced vision correction advancements into one safe and effective procedure.
  • The iLASIK surgery Sydney goes beyond other procedures that you may have heard of to truly personalize your vision correction based on your precise, individual vision needs
  • The latest addition to this platform is iDesign which is able to capture the most detailed map of the front of your eye, similar to analysing a finger print. Just like fingerprints, no two eyes are the same, and so no two eyes receive exactly the same treatment. This is exclusive to George Street Eye Laser Centre.

Technical Excellence At Every Step Of The iLASIK Procedure

The iLASIK Procedure should be performed by a qualified ophthalmologist, and combines two advanced lasers with 3-D mapping technology in one integrated procedure. Nothing sharp, such as a blade or needle, is used during surgery! Prior to surgery, scans are taken of the eye to be treated. This 3-D mapping captures your personalized refractive signature which, like a fingerprint, is unique to each of your eyes and provides the customized correction needed to personalize your iLASIK surgery treatment.

Next, a very thin, precisely measured flap of corneal tissue is created with a femtosecond laser called the IntraLase. This flap is folded back, and your personalized iLASIK Procedure is performed.

The iDesign system is able to identify landmarks in the eye which ensures that the treatment is perfectly aligned to the position of the eye and that the correct eye is being treated.

The Exceptional Laser Eye Surgery Results You’re Looking For:

  • The iLASIK Procedure has earned US FDA approval to treat the broadest range of vision imperfections possible, including mild to severe nearsightedness, farsightedness and all types of astigmatism.
  • The technology behind the iLASIK procedure helps eye doctors take more of their patients beyond 20/20 vision.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding iLASIK Eye Surgery

A thorough eye examination is needed to determine suitability but here is a great starting point

Who Is Suitable For iLASIK Surgery Sydney?

People who:

  • Are 18 years of age and over.
  • Have a stable prescription.
  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Have adequate corneal thickness and a reasonably regular corneal shape.
  • Have eyes that are otherwise healthy.

What Does CustomVue Mean?

CustomVue is the name of the sophisticated imaging software used to drive the laser treatment of your eye. It is an advanced form of wave front guided treatment demonstrated to maximise the quality of vision with laser eye surgery. This treatment is made to treat the surface differences on the cornea. These are known as high and low order aberrations. The most advanced version of this, installed only a year or so ago, is called iDesign and is used to capture these images creating a fingerprint of the cornea which is usually taken on the day of consultation. This same picture is captured under the laser at the time of the iLASIK procedure and adjusted to ensure that you get the best treatment. Each treatment is custom made for your eyes. iDesign ensures that any rotation of the eye at the time of the procedure is adjusted for and that only the eye meant for the procedure is treated.

How Long Does The iLASIK Procedure Take?

iLASIK surgery Sydney takes about 20 minutes for both eyes. You do usually spend 2-3 hours in the clinic on the day of surgery.

Does iLASIK Procedure Hurt?

iLasik is pain free. In preparation for your procedure your eyes will be anaesthetised with local anesthetic in a form of drops. These eye drops are repeated throughout the procedure multiple times.

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Lasik Eye Surgery in Sydney

George Street Eye Centre specialises in Lasik eye surgery in Sydney, Australia. We can improve or correct a range of conditions, helping to enhance your vision and quality of life. Our Lasik eye clinic is fully equipped with the latest, cutting-edge technology, to provide you with the best experience and results possible.

What Is Lasik Eye Surgery?

Lasik eye surgery is a procedure that is carried out in our Sydney surgery to people with poor vision have a cornea that is not the correct shape for focusing light on the back of the eye. Lasik eye surgery can correct poor vision by reshaping the cornea. The result is such that the light can focus correctly on the retina, thereby improving your vision.

Lasik stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. The technique is used to treat common vision problems including short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism.

The first step in the process is for your ophthalmologist to create a 3D map of your eyes to determine what adjustments need to be made to improve your vision. Then, during the surgery, your ophthalmologist creates a tiny flap in the corneal tissue of the eye to be treated using a femtosecond laser called the IntraLase. A special excimer laser reshapes the corneal surface.

iLasik vs Lasik

The IntraLase laser that creates the corneal flap is blade-free. The treatment is based on 3-D Mapping Sensor Technology, used in NASA and US Navy pilots, with 25 times more precision than traditional methods. This is what makes the difference when it comes to iLasik vs Lasik treatments. During Lasik surgery, the eye flap can be created with a microkeratome, which is a small, bladed instrument.

Are You Asleep During Lasik?

No, you will be awake during Lasik eye surgery, but you will be lying down. The procedure is quick and painless and our friendly, caring staff at our Sydney clinic will look after you and put you at ease. You will not need any stitches or bandages and you won’t need a general anaesthetic. If you are a nervous patient, we can offer you medication to help you remain calm and relaxed.

How Do They Do Lasik Eye Surgery?

During Lasik eye surgery in our clinic in Sydney, an ophthalmologist uses a computer-guided femtosecond laser called the IntraLase to create a tiny, micro-thin flap in the outer layer of the cornea of the eye to be treated. The IntraLase utilises blade-free technology to make the incision into the eye with absolute precision and stability. Then, a computer-controlled excimer laser uses pulses of ultraviolet light to reshape the corneal surface. Afterwards, the flap is repositioned and resumes its position naturally without the need for any sutures.

How Long Does Lasik Eye Surgery Last For?

Depending on your age and the refractive error for which you are treated, the results may last a lifetime. Lasik does not prevent you from presbyopia, which is age-related long-sightedness or the loss of the ability to focus on objects which are nearby.

Can You Blink During Lasik?

You won’t have to worry about blinking during laser eye surgery. Your eyelids will be held open with a lid speculum so the lasers can access your cornea with absolute precision. The clip might feel a little bit tight, but it does not hurt.

Does Lasik Hurt?

No, Lasik surgery doesn’t hurt. You might feel some light pressure in your eye, but your ophthalmologist will apply anaesthetic drops to your eyes before the procedure begins to help you stay comfortable.