The Newest Technology that’s Getting Rid of Reading Glasses – for Good!

Does this page, or its text, look blurry to you? Then you could potentially have presbyopia. A condition generally considered as going hand-in-hand with the ageing process, it describes how the lenses of the eye become more rigid over time, which causes fine print and text – and even pictures and icons, to become faint and hard-to-see.

The usual solution, to which most individuals resign themselves, is to get simple glasses that help sharpen and enlarge images – usually, reading glasses. But getting used to using glasses often can be bothersome for many, and can be just downright frustrating if one’s long-distance vision has remained perfectly clear. In addition, many feel that reading glasses are old-fashioned or label the wearer as “ageing”, and are therefore understandably reluctant to wear them.

A breakthrough technology is bringing relief to thousands the world over, enabling them to cast away their reading glasses for good. KAMRA(TM) inlay, the newest treatment available, has been taking the optical world by storm.

About KAMRA(TM) inlay

Similar to a contact lens, only one quarter of the size, the KAMRA(TM) inlay is a super-thin and superfine carbon-based opaque disc with a 1.6 millimetre-sized hole in the centre. When inserted in the eye’s stroma (beneath the epithelial layer), it creates a “pinhole” effect, much like when peering into a camera lens. This considerably strengthens the focus of the image or text at hand, without impeding on one’s long-distance vision.

The procedure

Insertion of a KAMRA(TM) inlay is simple and takes an average of 15-20 minutes. After proper preparation and the application of anaesthetising eye drops, the surgeon uses a laser to cut a miniscule pocket into the cornea, into which the KAMRA(TM) inlay is inserted into the non-dominant eye. The other eye is left untouched since both eyes will work together after the procedure. Healing occurs quickly and most people return to their normal activities (with the exclusion of driving) within 24-48 hours.

The advantages

What is particularly unique about KAMRA(TM) inlay is that it is not just a standalone treatment: it may be used in conjunction with PRK or LASIK surgery to improve both short and long distance vision. And it has been implanted in tens of thousands of eyes worldwide, with much reported success.

Many also find the KAMRA(TM) inlay appealing as the procedure is entirely reversible. Those who may be unhappy with their result, for whatever reason, may elect to have the implant removed (at which point their sight will revert back to its previous level).

At any rate, if you’re looking for a solution to banish your reading glasses, speak with your ophthalmologist today about whether KAMRA(TM) inlay is right for your unique situation.

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