Macquarie Street Eye Laser Centre has incorporated the latest refinement to the LASIK procedure available.

Its called iDesign and is used in association with iLASIK.

What does iDesign do in LASIK Eye Surgery?

It’s a way of measuring the eye before treating it to get rid of any spectacle error present.

Because it uses more ‘data points’ than older instruments, it gives a more accurate assessment of the eye in planning for it to be able to see without the need for contact lenses or glasses.


Components of iDesign

iDesign consists of a type of camera, called an aberrometer, which uses lights to determine little imperfections in the visual system.

Every eye is very unique in that regard. So it’s like a ‘fingerprint’ of a particular eye. When the short-sightedness, or long-sightedness, or astigmatism are treated by laser in iLASIK these unique imperfections are ironed out at the same time.

Better vision!

iDesign Refines LASIK Eye Surgery

In modern LASIK a laser is used to make a very thin ‘flap’ in the cornea of the eye. The flap is gently lifted from the cornea.

Another laser then reshapes the underlying cornea to the shape that has been programmed into it.

In standard lasik the surgeon and orthoptists ‘tell’ it what shape is to be sculpted. With iDesign the iDesgn machine ‘tells’ the laser what shape that it is to be.

Put another way, the iDesign is the new ‘brain’ of the system which works out what needs to be done.

However, its’ not a black box that just does it and doesn’t tell the doctor what’s being done. It informs the operator about EXACLTY what is planned so there can be no surprises.

Anyway, once the treatment is lasered onto the cornea, the flap is but back and the operation is over.

Is iDesign Treatment Safe?

Still as safe as ever.

Still giving people freedom from contact lenses and glasses. But, just more precise.

To give you an idea, with iDesign treatments of myopia, at 3 months after surgery, the percentage of eyes that achieved 20/20, 20/25 and 20/40 uncorrected distance visual acuity were 90%, 92% and 99%, respectively. Eyes were within 0.5 D and 1.0 D of a zero prescription (which is what we want) in 96.7% and 100% of cases, respectively.

iDesign gives contact lens and spectacle wearers the freedom they want.

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