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What to Expect in a Laser Eye Consultation


Laser Eye Consultation | What to Expect

Need some assurance on what to expect in a laser eye consultation? We can help. The initial consultation for many can be the first time you have ever attended a specialist rooms. It can be a little daunting yet the most important hour you may spend at an eye practice. Laser eye surgery can be lifechanging, from freedom to participate in outdoor activities, waking up and being able to see or playing with your children at the beach all without the hassle of glasses or contact lenses. The most common reasons other than lifestyle, patients resort to having laser eye surgery includes their decreased tolerance to contact lenses, inability to use contact lenses due to sensitivities around the eyes or just being sick of wearing glasses. Can you relate?

Opting to have laser eye surgery is a big step for some but the positive outcomes that you will gain will all make it worthwhile, if you are suitable. This is where your initial consultation is the most important part of this process.  Appropriate testing, expectations and guidance are the best way to gain the best outcomes and patient satisfaction. Which is want we all want !

Prior to your assessment patients are recommended not to wear soft contact lenses for at least 5 days prior to their consultation. If you are a hard contact lens wearer, you must not wear them for a month. This is because contact lenses sit over the cornea which can alter the shape of the eye and affect our testing and even your suitability.   Ultimately, we can still assess your eyes even if you cannot adhere to these suggestions but you need to be aware that you may need to be reassessed again at a later date.

Attending Your Laser Eye Consultation

When you come in for your laser eye consultation you will first meet one of our experienced orthoptist who will perform a wide array of tests on your eyes. One of the main determining factors that determine your suitability is your cornea. Questions about family history of any eye issues such as keratoconus or corneal transplant are asked, this is worth asking family members about any family history of any eye conditions prior to your visit.

There are many factors that need to be considered when determining your suitability for laser eye surgery including the type of prescription (long/short sighted and/or astigmatism), stability of your prescription, the degree of prescription, existing eye conditions and most importantly the shape and thickness of your cornea. The cornea is the clear part of eye that your contact lens sits over. This is the part of the eye that we reshape with the laser.  The cornea must be in perfect shape and thickness to allow us to effectively give you great vision without any complications. Majority of patients can have iLASIK successfully. Some patients whose corneas may be a little on the thinner side or a very high prescription maybe only be suitable for PRK. PRK will still give you optimum results just with a longer recovery time.

Explaining Eye Laser Surgery, Pre-Op and Post Op

After all your measurements are taken, the Orthoptist will discuss with you what your suitable for and prepare you with expectations, explanation of the laser eye surgery procedure and what to expect post-operatively.  Then you move on to see Dr Moshegov our surgeon.  During the laser eye consultation Dr. Moshegov will perform a thorough eye examination and discuss further your suitability. You will be able to ask any questions at this point as well.  He will explain you any possible issues that you may have or tell you that you will have no issues at all!  Yay! Usually you will get a little re-enactment of what will happen on the day so you all ready to go.